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Earthly Comfort

Earthly Comfort

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Our "Earthly Comfort" essential oil bracelet is handmade with premium, semi-precious 11mm "Picture Stone" Jasper stones, 3 beige lava stones and a custom stainless steel cube.

Throughout the world, "Picture Stone" Jasper is heralded for its deep connection to the Earth.

It is known as a "protective stone" and is said to bring comfort to its bearer by reducing stress, anxiety and fear.

Combined with lava stones and Essential Oils, it's the perfect stone to keep you more in balance with nature making it one of our most popular diffuser bracelets.


Small (6.75 inches) - 15 stones suitable for small wrists

Large (7.5 inches) - 17 stones suitable for medium to large wrists

Note: These custom, one-of-a-kind lava stone bracelets are not available in any store.

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