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Monthly Subscription Box

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Discover a whole new world of relaxation— for just $24.99

I shamelessly admit that I want to make it as irresistible as I possibly can for you to try our Monthly Subscription Box.

Based on the experience of our other customers, I know that once you try it, you'll be joyfully awaiting your delightful box of essential oil goodies every month.

Think for one moment of all the things for which you'll spend $24.99 or more in the coming months, many of which will have little or no impact on the joy and pleasure you experience in your daily life.

Contrast these with the life-changing results you can experience with Essential Oils & Aromatherapy.

It's time to get your first-class ticket to a whole new world of essential oil relaxation and satisfaction.

For just $24.99, you'll get to experience luxurious oils, custom made jewelry and unique, curated recipes created by our in-house Aromatherapist.

It's a month's worth of your favorite oils, jewelry and secret surprises delivered to your door every month!

That's 30 days of stress-busting and toxic-free living for just $24.99! And no matter what you decide, the $100 value of our first month's box is yours to keep with my compliments.

Best of all, as a member of our Monthly Subscription Box, you can cancel or pause your subscription at anytime. You can even skip a month or two if you so choose, although I seriously doubt you will want to!

By the way, our passionate Club members are raving about our Aromatherapist's curated oils and recipes! They are so delightful that it’s become our “secret ingredient” for living (or starting) a toxic-free life while experiencing the amazing, peaceful benefits of Aromatherapy.

Total Retail Value of Over $100

Boxes ship on the 15th of each month.

#1 Essential Oil Jewelry Box

Hand crafted lava stone jewelry, essential oils, recipes and accessories, curated by our in-house Aromatherapist and delivered to your door each month!

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