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What is an Essential Oil?

An essential oil is a concentrated liquid containing volatile aroma compounds from plants. Essential oils are generally extracted by distillation, often by using steam. 

Essential Oils have been used for centuries for their therapeutic and healing benefits.

How do I apply essential oils to my lave stone?

Simply apply 1-2 drops to your lava bead and let them dry for 5 minutes. The porous nature of the lava rock will absorb the oil and allow you to wear the oil without it transferring to other materials.

How long will the aroma last?

This will depend on the potency of your Essential Oils.  However, 1-2 drops will generally last 3-5 days. Some scents will last longer than others.

Re-apply oils onto the lava beads as desired.

Why do you use lava?

Lava is a stone of power, strength and fertility. And is said to provide protection and stability in times of change.

Because it is formed from raw energy, it is often known as a stone of rebirth. It is said to help in removing unwanted layers of emotional attachment. And has been used for centuries to help reduce anger and fear.

Where does the lava come from?

Our lava is 100% natural and ethically sourced from floes in the Pacific Ocean. Also known as “Circum-Pacific belt”.

Why should I diffuse through jewelry?

You can diffuse in any number of ways, but with our lockets, you can wear your scents in a fashionable way and take them with you anywhere you go.

By wearing your oils you will enjoy the aromatic benefits from your oils all day long.

What should I do when the scent fades?

You can simply reapply the same Essential Oil or wash the Lava with gentle soap, dry thoroughly, and apply a different scent.

What metal is the locket made from?

The base metal of our jewelry is copper and zinc alloy. The lockets are then plated in either silver or gold.

There is no nickel or lead in any of our jewelry.

What is your return policy?

Domestic Orders:

We offer free returns on any of our products that have not been used for up to 30 days, for any reason. Simply contact us and we will send you a prepaid return label.

If you have put oil on your lava stone it does not qualify for a return.

International Orders

Customers are responsible for return shipping. If an item is refused or unclaimed and returned to us, there will be a 15% restocking fee.

Once we receive the product back, we will issue you the appropriate refund within 7 days.


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