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Blue Waves

Blue Waves

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Our "Blue Waves" bracelet sparkles with a dazzling array of blues & greens. Just like the calming ocean, this bracelet gives you a sense of peace and comfort as you stare into its Kaleidoscope of colors.

If tranquility and calmness are your priorities, the "Blue Waves" is the bracelet for you. It has a reliable, calming softness to it and is sure to inspire in you the same peacefulness you get when sitting by the ocean or staring at the cool, blue sky.


Small (6.75 inches) - 18 beads, suitable for small wrists

Large (7.5 inches) - 20 beads, suitable for medium to large wrists

Note:  Not for use with Essential Oils. These custom, one-of-a-kind mermaid crystal bracelets are not available in any store.

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