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Tree of Life

Lava Stone Color

Our "Tree of Life" diffuser necklace truly embodies the essence of what essential oils and lava stones are all about. Natures ability to heal and bring balance to the body and spirit.

Locket size: 16mm

Lava Stone Size: 14-16mm

Cord length: 30 inches

Why Lava Stone Jewelry?

For more than 5,000 years, cultures around the world have used Essential Oils to treat a variety of health conditions. Most commonly they are used for relaxation, energy, beauty, cleansing and as a natural alternative to traditional medicines.

One of the best ways to experience the benefits of Essential Oils is through the use of a diffuser.

The problem is typical diffusers are bulky and can’t be carried with you throughout the day.

With our Essential Oil Jewelry, the real lava stones act as a portable diffuser allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of Aromatherapy “On-the Go”.

Example Uses

Lavender to reduce stress:

Traffic driving you crazy? Add a drop of Lavender Oil to your stone.

Orange to improve mood:

Woke up grumpy or groggy? Add a drop of Orange Oil to your stone.

Peppermint to increase focus and energy:

Having trouble concentrating? Add a drop of Peppermint Oil to your stone.

The possibilities are endless and our jewelry is beautiful too!

All of our Essential Oil lockets are plated in sterling silver or gold and finished with a clear "e-coat" layer to prevent against scratches and tarnishing.

There is no nickel or lead in any of our essential oil jewelry.

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International orders will ship within 2-3 business days.

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