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Hummingbirds have a long history of symbolism in dozens of cultures. The Aztecs believed they were messengers between their loved ones or the gods.

The Native Americans, believed they were healers and bringers of love, good luck, and joy.

In Latin Cultures, it is believed to be a sign of love and will bring affection and peace to the person who spots them.

No matter what you believe, the hummingbird is a beautiful and playful creature that will bring you much joy in your life.

Choose from 5 colorful lava stones to go inside your locket. Both beautiful and functional, this essential oil necklace is perfect for anyone who loves oils.

One to two drops of your favorite oils will last 3-5 days depending on its potency.

Locket size: 16mm

Lava Stone Size: 14-16mm

Cord length: 30 inches

What You Get

Every necklace comes with the locket, a 30" in cord and a lava stone in the color of your choice.

All of our diffuser necklaces are plated in sterling silver and finished with a clear "e-coat" layer to prevent against scratches and tarnishing.

There is no nickel or lead in any of our lava bead jewelry.

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