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"Forever Young"


Our "Forever Young" bracelet is a unisex design that combines 5 lava stones with beautiful Dalmatian Agate stones.

According to ancient manuscripts, Dalmatian Agate is a stone of youthfulness and joy.

Like lava stone, it has a grounding energy that is incredibly supportive of family and fiercely loyal. It is also said to have a calming influence on children and animals.  In many cultures it was given to children at night to help prevent nightmares and assure a good night sleep.

Dalmatian Agate is particularly beneficial for people who are too serious or have a hard time relaxing and letting go.

Let out your inner child with this beautiful lava stone bracelet.


Small (7.1 inches) - 18 stones, suitable for small to medium size wrists

Large (8.25 inches) - 21 stones suitable for larger wrists

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