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When I first started using essential oils, I would dilute them and rub them into my skin.  It was fast, easy and convenient.  I had heard of essential oil jewelry, but I had never worn it.  It never occurred to me to try it.  After all, what I was doing was already working out, so why buy something new?  

But then one day, one of my friends bought me essential oil lava bead jewelry.  And let me tell you—if you don’t wear essential oil jewelry, you are missing out!  Here is why I wear essential oil jewelry everyday—and why you should too!

1.  Essential oils smell amazing.

First of all, essential oils aren’t just wonderful for their health benefits—they also smell incredible.  All it takes is a dab to enjoy the beautiful scent, unlike department store perfumes, which are diluted in alcohol, so you have to spray on a lot of perfume to get any aroma—and then you end up with a strong scent of alcohol (and often chemicals).

By wearing my essential oil jewelry, I surround myself only with the pure scents of nature wherever I go—no matter how toxic my urban environment smells.  

I get so many compliments on my essential oils and questions about my jewelry—and you will too!

2.  Wearing essential oils everyday provides me with the benefits of aromatherapy.

I work a very high-stress job.  It’s not unusual for me to pull ten hour shifts.  It can be hard for me to stay level-headed at work, and even harder for me to relax on my commute or when I get home.

Wearing essential oil necklaces or bracelets every day lets me enjoy aromatherapy everywhere I go—on the road, at work, and at home.  I wear lavender for its proven stress-relief benefits, and sweet orange oil to relieve my anxiety (plus, it smells divine).  Cedarwood oil also has worked wonders for helping me to relax.

3.  My scents last longer when I diffuse them in jewelry.

Now you might be thinking, “Okay, I totally want to try using essential oils.  But why not just rub them into my skin instead of using essential oil diffuser jewelry?”

That’s a good question.  I actually used essential oils directly on my skin for years before I discovered essential oil jewelry.  I didn’t see the point until I did some research.  

My single biggest complaint about my essential oils in the past was that they often would not last very long.  They’d dry down super fast, and within a couple hours, I’d find myself reapplying.

That hasn’t been the case since I started wearing lava stone essential oil jewelry.  It turns out that the jewelry doesn’t “eat up” the scents the way my skin does.  So my scents stick around for at least a few hours, and sometimes much longer.  A few of the longer-lasting scents have lingered for days.  

If you really want long-lasting scents, I recommend getting jewelry which features larger/more lava stones.  These can soak up more oils, which means they have a stronger scent which also lasts for longer.

4.  If I go somewhere I can’t wear a scent, I can just take off the jewelry.

Another benefit of essential oil jewelry over simply applying essential oils directly to your skin is one I didn’t discover right away.  I figured it out when I had a clinic appointment one day, and realized when I walked in the door that perfumes weren’t allowed at the clinic.

Normally at that point, I would have had to wash my scent off, but I was wearing my jewelry.  So all I had to do was take it off and put it in my purse during my appointment.  I then was able to put it right back on as I went out the door.  No essential oils wasted!

5. My essential oil jewelry looks as beautiful as it smells.

While it has a practical purpose, it has another more intrinsic benefit—and that is that it is simply gorgeous!  I love being able to make a fashion statement while I also surround myself with a beautiful aroma.

6. My jewelry helps me feel centered.  

Most of my jewelry is made out of absorbent lava stones.  Wearing lava, I’ve noticed that it has a very grounding, centering effect on me.  It makes sense when you think about it.  Lava after all came from deep underground.  It’s like a healing gift from the earth itself.   

Essential Oil Jewelry Unites Fashion with Convenience

So now you know why I wear my jewelry everyday!  Essential oils are natural and soothing, uplifting body and mind.  Lava stone essential oil jewelry makes your scents last longer, offering you simplicity and convenience.  It also makes a vibrant fashion statement while enhancing the healing potential of the oils themselves.  Give it a try—there is no easier way to carry stress relief and the beauty of nature with you everywhere you go.

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